Produkt: XRAY XB2'18 Carpet Edition 2WD El-buggy 1/10
Artnr: 320004
Fabrikat: Xray
Lagerstatus: Lagervara
Pris: 3850:-
All-new 2018: Recent USA Champion platform Special-design 2.5 mm thick chassis has strategically-milled areas to ensure proper stiffness – either stiff or soft – in all areas. Shorter front composite chassis front brace allows mounting of the new graphite side guard braces for adjustable front chassis flex Graphite chassis side guard braces give increased stability and performance Narrower suspension holders with new rear suspension geometry improves rear traction Narrower gear box to mount the new narrow suspension holders Gear differential with new diff-outdrives now designed to use with new 2.5 mm pin. The new stronger diff outdrives are the result of a new hardening process that increases lifetime and reliability. Drive shafts with 2.5 mm drive pins for increased drivetrain efficiency New 4.5 mm off-set wheel hex hubs to compensate for the new narrow suspension holders Higher-precision shock absorber lower shims for more precise shock shaft movement Dimensions Class: 1/10 electric 2WD off-road car Width: Adjustable 245-250 mm Length: 274 mm (394 with wing) Wheelbase: Adjustable 282-285 mm Weight: 835 g Ready-to-run weight: 1520 g Chassis Chassis: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum 2.5mm (Carpet Edition) or 2.0mm (Dirt Edition) Front upper deck: Composite Hard (Carpet Edition) or Medium (Dirt Edition) Suspension Suspension: Adjustable suspension via Integrated Suspension System I.S.S. Rear suspension: Lower arm with adjustable upper camber link Front suspension: Lower arm with adjustable upper camber link and with adjustable caster 0°, 2.5° and 5° Rear upright: Composite 0° toe-in with dual arm mounting and 7 roll center positions Shocks: Membrane free shock absorbers with Delrin pistons Shock towers: Front & rear machined 4.0mm & 3.5 mm laminated carbon graphite (Carpet Edition) or composite (Dirt Edition) with multiple shock mounting Drivetrain Type: 2WD Primary: Pinion / spur Drive shafts: HUDY Spring Steel™ CVD drive shafts Differential: Sealed gear differential, 6 gear, silicone-filled Slipper clutch: Adjustable 3-Pad Bearings: Rubber-sealed high-speed bearings Gearing Primary ratio: 1:2.65 Gear Box gear: 36T (Carpet Edition) or 25T (Dirt Edition) Differential pulley: 53T Spur gear: 81T (75T, 78T, 84T & 87T option) Motor pinion: Not included Geometry Camber: Adjustable front + rear Front Caster: 26° static + caster in caster block = 26°, 28.5°, 31° total caster range Toe-in: Adjustable front + rear Downstops: Adjustable front + rear Front kick-up: Adjustable 26°~31° Rear anti-squat: Adjustable 0°~4° Anti-roll bars: 1.0mm, 1.1 mm, 1.2mm rear (option only) Ackermann: Adjustable Bump steer: Adjustable Steering: Centrally-positioned dual steering system Body, Tires, Wheels & Misc Body: XRAY XB2 body Tires: Not included Wheels: XRAY Aerodisk 12mm Wheel hex hub Standard adjustment: Camber, toe-in, caster, track width, wheelbase, kick-up, anti-squat, roll center, Ackermann, bump steer Additionally included: HUDY Graphite Grease, Silicone Oils, Authentication Certificate, Parts list & Exploded view, Decals